Are you getting married? Would you like to surprise your guests with something different?
Give them an experience that they will surely not forget.

Walkaround magic

It is a fantastic way to break the ice between guests who do not know each other

A different and fun way to make the welcome cocktail more pleasant. I blend in as one more guest while amazing your guests by doing close-up magic.


  • Fully flexible. Indoor or outdoor; in one room or several; and a wide range of situations.
  • It is short and fun. The guests will be able to resume what they were doing after a few minutes.
  • An opportunity to watch magic very close, and maybe even find out how it works!
  • Magic takes place in the guests’ own hands.
  • It amazes everybody, from grandchildren to grandparents.

Between 1h and 1h 30 min

Spanish, Catalan and English


Interactive and stunning, adapted
to your special day









About 1h

Spanish, Catalan and English

Walkaround magic + Show

This is the most complete and ideal choice if you want a wedding full of magic. First,
you will enjoy walkaround magic during the cocktail, followed by a show of 15 – 20 min after
the desserts.

Spanish, Catalan and English