Studying magic improves self-esteem, human relationships, communication skills and more!

Extracurricular Activities

They will learn the basics of the art of magic
Children will learn magic using everyday objects such as cards, coins, papers, pencils, rubber bands, etc. where they will be able to surprise their audience wherever they are. Besides, they will make some of the magic tricks themselves.
They will learn scientific magic, magic with their own body, mathemagic (the magic of numbers), magic with objects, card magic, stories with magic, challenges, enigmas, optical illusions, jokes, and more!
To truly learn any kind of art, you must know its origins. They will see the exciting history of the art of magic: first magicians, great personalities of magic, stories of great magicians, etc.
At the end of the course, students will do a performance showcasing everything they have learned.

1h per week

Spanish, Catalan and English

From 3rd of primary school to Compulsory Secondary Education students.

We offer different workshops where students can start in the art of magic
They will learn two or three magic tricks that will be able to perform to their audience with a little bit of practice. Furthermore, these workshops can be adapted to improve specific areas of knowledge, such as mathematics, psychomotricity, spatial orientation, etc.
  • Miscellaneous magic
  • Card magic
  • Mathemagic
  • Scientific magic
  • Optical illusions
  • Rope magic

Adaptable as required

Spanish, Catalan and English

From 1st of primary school students. The workshop is adapted according to the development age of the group.

It is magical working together


A different and fun way to work on group cohesion.


A talk/workshop about group cohesion, conflict resolution and self-improvement through magic tricks, optical illusions and challenges.
The goal is to encourage the debate of the experiences and group dynamics proposed.

1h 30 min

Spanish, Catalan and English

From 1st to 4th of Compulsory Secondary Education students.