Are you looking for some different entertainment for your next corporate event?
Would you like to surprise your colleges with something different?

Corporate event

Surprise your colleagues with a pleasant and different proposal


An interactive and stunning show. From my poetic and musical tricks to impossible effects triggering into humour situations. Everything carried out with my unique style of sensitivity, tenderness and humour.


Perfect for encouraging a networking environment where attendees talk with each other thanks to my close-up magic. I will mingle among them to surprise them with straightforward and astounding magic which even happens in their own hands. Using magic is a brilliant and unique way of connecting people together.


Do you need a compere for your next event? I can give the special touch you need to make your event enjoyable and fun, seeking the balance between magic and presentation.

Adaptable as required

Spanish, Catalan and English

Corporate magic

Magic to communicate a message

Magic is a powerful tool to communicate a message that it will remain in the long-term memory of the spectators.
The goal is to highlight the importance of your company product or service through the magic show, stimulating the interest of the audience. Thanks to magic, those messages will be remembered easily.
It is essential to find the necessary balance between magic and the message you want to communicate; so the spectator will associate the product presentation with a moment of fun and happiness.

Spanish, Catalan and English

Corporate values
and magic

A fun and entertaining proposal to talk about corporate values

My experience as an engineer in a multinational company combined with my passion for personal leadership makes my use of magic as a business communication tool perfect.
This proposal takes the form of a talk/show where I explain several corporate values using surprising experiences, stories and magic tricks as a common thread. It is a different and fun way to talk about corporate values.

50 min

Spanish, Catalan and English